/// ABOUT ///

CAMP is an experiment in analog social networking, self organization, and making thinking. It’s aim is to manifest out of the needs and concerns of the present, and as such, each year will look, feel and taste different.

CAMP is a gathering of people sharing ideas, artistic practices and food.

CAMP aims to create an open platform for exchange, reflecting the concerns and curiosities of it’s participants.

CAMP is an attempt to create a learning environment independent of institutions.

CAMP is a an environment for serious play.

CAMP is a laboratory of time, opportunity and chance; it is a space to make thinking and to think making.

CAMP is queer.

/// HISTORY ///

Inspired by conferences, workshops, alternative education systems, non-institutional learning entities, pedagogical philosophy and podcasts, Layla initiated CAMP in 2012 as a platform to share ideas and practices with friends in a serious yet wildly fun environment. The first version of CAMP was a 3 day symposium packed with lectures, workshops and experiments on Squash Blossom Farm in upstate New York with 25 participants. It was awesome and inspiring. The second year, CAMP was everything you are looking for, an experiment in collective practice and performance on an island in Maine; in 2014 CAMP’s theme was Pornification.

CAMP is organized by Alicia Eggert and Layla Mrozowski.